Nicezki SMP Event


1st round



Silent Night

At night death messages, name tags, and chat are disabled.

Children Left Unattended

When a teammate dies you receive a speed potion and a tamed wolf.

Blood Diamonds

When mining a diamond ore, the player will take half a heart of damage.


After killing a player, their loot will drop into a double chest. The chest will explode 30 seconds later.

Lucky Leaves

Trees have a 0.5% chance of dropping a Golden Apple.

Team Inventory

Each team has an extra inventory that all members from the team can view by using /teaminventory.

Hastey Boys

Every tool you craft will have Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 1


Breaking a log of a tree will cause the whole tree to fall down.

New Scenarios in this round

Double Ores

Ores drop in pairs.

Fast Smelting

item smelting is sped up 5 times.

You can craft extra items

Light Apple
Light Anvil
War Axe
Team Revive
Craft this item to revive the dead team members.

Game Time

120 second

Before start

20 minutes​

Final Heal

15 minutes

Episode time
(For YT)

60 minutes

Time border shrink

60 minutes

Before deathmatch