Gifts to me from JP iWDC Group A and envelope from Misaki and Teru

March 18th, 2022

Hello, my name is Nicezki. I have some wonderful memories to share with everyone today.

So, let’s start with when this all started.

I got an invite from my teacher about the iWDC Project and yes… I accepted it

So, what exactly is iWDC?

International Web Design Contest (iWDC) is a project that is a collaboration between two universities, one in Thailand and the other in Japan.

The main goal of the project is not to create the best website possible, but to communicate and exchange cultures with one another.

So, this is when the story begins

I’m with Thai iWDC Team A, and on the first day, I met and spoke with Japanese pals (Misaki and eza). It’s not IRL, but it’s still a great experience.

We then introduce ourselves to one another and teach names and terms in the other language.
That was the very first time I met them.

After that, we collaborated to complete the iWDC project, and during that time, we communicated extensively. The project turned out to be excellent, and the iWDC project was completed.

So I didn’t want this to be the end.

The project end but the friendship will continue…

One month has passed…

I got a message from my teacher about the package that was sent from Japan,

and I’m going to university at around 2 p.m. on March 17th, and this is the package that they sent to me.

There are 2 envelopes of letters for me.
one from Misaki and another from Teru
Thank you for your kind message~
It’s given me a smile when I read this
I’ll take good care of it


This envelope is from Misaki
4 beautiful stickers,
a handmade (Miri) keychain
I was very surprised about this and you know that I have a mascot character on the Youtube channel and you also put a lot of work into making this, I can’t thank you enough
also, there are heartwarming letter
and kawaii business card in it too
PS. You too please ganbare~
I’m really happy and grateful

PS. あなたもガンバレ〜。

This envelope is from Teru
very nice letter for me
in the letter, he also draws character in it

(I guess is it Yui from Puriconne? or is it an Umamusu character) but whatever it is still really cute
and also have a polite business card in it too
PS. let’s talk more about games~


I really love this
Miku is very cute Thanks for picking this
Misaki also handmade make (Miri) keychain for me
I’m really surprised and very thankful for this

ミクはとてもかわいいです これを選んでくれてありがとう
みさき も「ミリ」のキーホルダーを手作りしてくれました。

This is another gift that I received
It has little Miku Rin Len Luka Kaito Meiko
Cute ~♥

VOCALOID “のミク、リン、レン、ルカ、カイト、メイコが描かれています。

Thank you~♥